1A. landscape & architecture
1A. landscape & architecture

1A. ltd. is a design collective formed by 1moku and artless that seeks to explore and express the core needs of society—the coexistence of nature, architecture and design.

From landscape design, architecture, spatial design, to planning, construction as well as branding and graphic design, 1A. ltd. is composed of creatives and designers from Japan, Tokyo and Barcelona, Spain.The process begins with 1moku’s garden designer gaining a complete understanding of the land through both research and observation, which becomes the foundation for designing and environmental planning. Together with artless, the plans and designs for the architecture, signage, graphic design, and logo for the space are imagined and created. 1A. ltd. covers all aspects of design, taking a holistic approach to designing a new and singular world.
Tradition is the accumulation of all the boundary-pushing ideas of generations past. This generational knowledge allows us to understand the rules and reasons inherent to the land. Utilizing local materials or materials that are inspired by the land, we create intricate designs that are the sun of all the details.

ch 1A. ltd. 是由 1moku 和artless发起的,摸索和表现被未来社会所须要的“自然・建筑・设计共生”的设计系列。
从景观设计出发,以建筑、空间设计、其设计与施工为中心,展开平面设计,标识设计,项目全体的品牌设计等广域的创作。日本东京和西班牙巴塞罗那的团队将提供崭新的设计服务。以 1moku的专业造庭师视角对景观与庭园土地进行的调研解读为基础,推进设计和环境艺术的展现和提案;配合artless团队的设计水准,为需要景观设计的建筑,标识系统,视觉设计以及品牌标志等,贯彻如一的创造并实现崭新世界观。

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